Services Provided

Description of Services

How can Counseling & Behavioral Services be beneficial to you…?

Counseling has repeatedly demonstrated to be of benefit for most people and in most situations. Benefits may include the decrease of depressive symptoms or no longer feeling afraid, anxious or angry. You will have the opportunity to fully “talk things out” and ask any questions that you might have regarding your treatment. Relationship and communication skills may improve dramatically. You may be able to cope with social,  family,  or  work stressors in a more healthy way and receive more satisfaction from them.

Individual Counseling:  Individual counseling is a face to face interaction between the counselor and a referred client for the purpose of managing, reducing, or resolving problems.

Family Counseling:  Family counseling is a face to face interaction between the counselor, client and member(s) of the family unit with the purpose of supporting and strengthening the family’s ability to communicate, problem solve, and function together.

Consultation:  Consultation may be provided over the telephone, face to face or by mail. The purpose is to ensure that the client’s needs are met. Consultation on behalf of the client may be with other healthcare providers, schools, agencies or caretakers.

Group Counseling:  In group counseling a small group interaction can help normalize the client’s experience while providing a network of support. Groups can be tailored to meet a variety of needs and topics.

For Children:

If you are coming for the purpose of your child’s behavioral and emotional health you will be fully involved in your child’s treatment. Exercises may be provided by your counselor in order to enable you to successfully take the progress made in the counseling session home with you.

Treatment specialization includes:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Parenting and Family Issues
  • Marriage Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Work and career issues
  • Panic attacks
  • Women’s Issues
  • Physical and Sexual Abuse Survivors
  • PTSD occurring from Military Service or trauma